Game of Illusion

door | nov 8, 2022 | Channelings | 0 Reacties

Extra Dimensional Messenger: The Galactic Federation

Antenne: Anne de Waard

My dear, You did not come here to play in the game of illusion
You came here to step out of the illusion
By figuring out that the illusion is exactly that: 
An illusion
These mere scratches are meant to distract you and pull you back into the game
Be clear
Keep your focus 
Be centered in your heart
And aligned with God/ Universe/ Source

The battle in the mind of human 
Is what is occurring now
Fear is the control switch
By which minds are in check
And kept there

Stop being afraid or disturbed
Someone cannot ‘do’ something to you
Another part of the illusion
Once you got this
You are free
All you need to do is 
See through the veils of illusion